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Nice vox

Dude, stop saying you can't scream
You can dude
Your good

With a better recording this would be the fucking shiznit!

Fuck, you can solo too

You singing sounds very System of a Down

Kor-Rune responds:

Ooo, thanks man, that's a little more reassuring! I guess we're our own worst critics D:

Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked!

Far out

You have some skillz mate

Thats some serious techno trance you have going on there
Everything is mastered SOOOOO well

Im mainly a metal listener myself
Its good to hear some decently mastered music for once (no offense to metal lol)

Fredgy responds:

haha thanks :D
i've worked a loong time on mastering all that shit lol x)
glad you like it! :p
are metal songs then not so good mastered ? :p
cool that you say that haha :p

Great song

Its a great song
Why don't you cover the whole thing and get an NG vocalist to do vox?

AX7 taught me a large part of what I can play on the cover front
Top band

Kool-Aid responds:

i should just do the whole thing haha


Reminds me of early Bless The Fall or Devil Wears Prada
Your guitarist has an ear for good melodies
The drummer is tight with his duties
I like it

and no offence to the vocalist, but yeah, I think you made a wise wise decision in sacking him
if he could hold a tone I would be nicer......but he can't, so Im an asshole today


Thats some serious metal you have got going on there!


The guitar is great
Harmonics, tremolo, palm muting
You've got that all down fucking pat dude

Solo was VERY EVIL
I liked it

The only bone I have to pick is the breakdown
What happened?
The breakdown is the high point of the song (besides the solo)
Its the "FUCK OFF IM BRUTAL" part dude
and it just failed (and excuse the French) epicly
It didn't effect the 5 vote or the 10 vote because it can be fixed
No biggie mate

Deathcalypse responds:

Thanks man. I was hoping someone would like the solo cuz it was pretty simple. :P As far as the breakdown, well, i tried. lol I'll have better breakdowns in my next tunes for this album

Great song mate

Its got that Metallica feel to it you don't hear in new skewl metal anymore

I like it

I really like the softer parts with the solo guitar
Heaps uplifting

Wheres the vox?

AcidGoo responds:

Coming soon man :)


It has an edge to it that I can't put into words

The guitar at 48 is fucking brutal dude

Your drums fucking pwn!


This is the best FL guitar song I've ever heard
and I've heard a shit load of em
This is actually GOOD mate

Put this out there more mate!


domigick responds:

thank you sir. myspace.com/excruciatingmacresco1


Folk metal fucking kicks ass

I like it

rtnario responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!


I love how you break the genre barrier dude
How you just snap to a new format
Makes the heavy parts sound so much more brutal
and it really makes you sound fucking pro :)

Your recording is 10/10
However your composition just seems a tiny bit off
Only taking you down to a 9.8/10
Some parts seemed a little too dissonant for my liking


Foxycow responds:

im glad you liked this song i plan on doing more songs like this in the near future ill be sure to let you know when i do!! Keep on Listening!!!

Hi Im Bevvo AKA NightWake (Just a project name), I make Metal, Industrial, Drum&Bass, Acoustic & all different kinds of music. Im an easy going guy and I like reviewing music and flash on Newgrounds.


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