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Your sound quality on this one is infinitely better than any other recording so far
Whatever your doing on this recording, keep doing it
The guitars sound fucking awesome guys

11/10 if I could

CRF250 responds:

Yay! Bass in this one, And direct box, and careful recording. Machine noise is a bitch, eh?


Far out this has some sick bass sounds in it

Your treble mixing and eq work is really good :D

DustDevil responds:

Thanx man! I put a lot of work on this one so I really appriciate this review! I'm glad u liked it and thanx again for the review! :D


Very classy epic song

The riff is really good, sweet ambient song mate

CRF250 responds:

I find it epic, I noticed that everything either me or Ernie (this was Ernie) does, is really dark, and evil sounding.... I really like that >:)

Thanks for your review, even if I made you listen, ha


Very nice

Its got a sweet beat and throwdown feeling to it that you can feel the whole way though

The solos kicked ass too

netty-swobb responds:

Thanks man! Glad you like! :D

Jizz in my pants

This and fear are the most brutal songs on the EP

The vox need to be louder in the mix, only crit on this mix

TheParadoxUnseen responds:

We DEFINATELY need more chris. Thanks Bevvo haha

very nice

Jasons' production is fucking awesome

but I have to agree with the first bloke
the only thing that could possibly improve this song is a breakdown

gizz breakdown

TheParadoxUnseen responds:

Fuck the breakdown man... what we need....

is a 5 minute NIN style glitch down, with jesse windmilling at a computer.

Thats the shit we need haha

Oh manz

First off
Great, probs your best in some ways
The leads lifted it above the rest of your work

Second off
I sounds so good, it sounds like its comedy metal, like Dethclock-ish
It sounds like a really good band playing a sick song and the whole band is drinking, cracking jokes as they play the song on stage with ease lol

Third off
LEADS OMG *cums in pants*

nuff said

CRF250 responds:

OMG (review) *cums pants*

hahaa. Yeah this is one of my favorites too!!


Somebodies been listening to some old skewl Metallica :D

The recording quality is getting really good guys
Nice reverb and distortion
Sets the tone of the song nicely

CRF250 responds:

Uh we haven't actually been listening to Metallica. NEW FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yeah we've been listening to everybody's comments, so we've been workin' on quality. Although mostly we have this direct box that we run stuff through and it cancels all machine noise. Its really handy, but we only learned how to use it recently.... Ernie III was like, hey lets use this thing and Ernie II was like ok this is how it works....

Ernie wrote this awesome main riff and he was like, yeah its pretty awesome, and i was like, BEST RIFF EVER MAKE IT A DAMN SONG, so yeah, origins of S.V.A.

Like the energy

The composition is great
Its got the old skewl metal sound and feel to it
It has a real drive to it

netty-swobb responds:

Thanks man! :)


This is mad epic dude

The thing that really jumps out at me is the whole feeling of the song
Its sad, yet uplifting

If it was in a movie it would be around the part where the hero is coming back from unimaginable odds

combatplayer responds:

^_~ glad u like it

thanks for the review.. if i ever have the inspiration (and time =_=) then ill try making a little movie for it.. might first be when i get to remix it some day tho xD

Hi Im Bevvo AKA NightWake (Just a project name), I make Metal, Industrial, Drum&Bass, Acoustic & all different kinds of music. Im an easy going guy and I like reviewing music and flash on Newgrounds.


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