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haha nice

top remix mate
I really like the double bass you put in there

the guitar is really well done too


That is better than the orginal
Its such a brutal song dude

Eternalreich responds:

Thanks bo cat.


This is new
I really like how the piano keept going, it isn't just an intro peice like every other metal piano song

Far out the chorus was awesome
The whole feel was really good, the alternative metal touch was good
But it was still brutal as all hell


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks! Glad you like it. Dimoria is a great artist, and has great quality. Its always awesome to work with his tunes.

Glad you dig it! Thanks very much.

Far out

This is such an awesome song dude


You can tell it was writen my a metalhead lol
Its just got the metal feel to it

Makes it sound reaaaaaaly deeeeeeep
Almost evil dude

4.15 / 5.00 (+ 0.080)

CRF250 responds:

Yeah man. I like that you're seein' all this stuff also. Our non-RC stuff is good too. and on the 8/30/09: Score Rank: #37

And Ernie is wired for metal. Everything he writes has some kind of metal feel to it.

I think even his acoustic stuff has influence in there.


This is new
I like it

It sounds like something Micheal Moore would use in one of his films
Because its got that depressing (yet uplifting) feel to it that he uses alot

Very emotional song

4.15 / 5.00 (+ 0.080)

CRF250 responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! ;)



Wow dude
You really can vocalize like a motherfucker

Love the guitar
Its such a casual riff you have for all the chorus stuff
I can just see the guitarist chillin while playing it

I REALLY liked you drum work on this one
Its unlike any other metal drum track I've heard
The drums jump genre (kinda) and it sounds mad!

4.34 / 5.00 (+ 0.024)

Schleif responds:

thanks man! all i did was the vocals though, Bad Man Inc made the actual song. check out the original if you haven't! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/250658


Its good to see some people still respect the old skewl
So many of the new skewl kids hate Metallica, its a shame they don't know or care about the origin of their music

Top cover mate
Really great to hear this song again as I haven't heard it in YEARSSSSS

Schleif responds:

thanks man! yeah, nothing beats early metallica! glad you dig!


Far out dude you can play

This song really shows off your ear and talent for finding pitch
Chaoz really is the biggest song on the portal and this does it more than justice

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks! I gotta say it was pretty fun doing this track.

Very metal

I like the sound you guys have
Its very original

Your vocalist is amazing

The guitarist has a VERY nice flow to his riffs

and drummer puts out some sweet beats too

Hi Im Bevvo AKA NightWake (Just a project name), I make Metal, Industrial, Drum&Bass, Acoustic & all different kinds of music. Im an easy going guy and I like reviewing music and flash on Newgrounds.


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